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We've been building CRM software for over a decade. We know the world is fast converging around company's who have a better grasp of their data. It is Cloud based, Mobile, Tablet, APP ready CRM that puts you in the game. But there's more to it ... Instead of cutting out all the things you don't need from SAP or Sales Force out of the box, build a tailored CRM and improve it so it is intuitive for every user in your team. Our clients do minimal to NO training, just log in and start working. The best part, you'll own your own CRM as an asset, not something you continually have to pay for every user in your team; Re-invest licence fees into development. This is true CRM freedom, the way software should be.


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Remove all the frustrations from a clunky, dated platform and take control of your CRM with our Pepsi Challenge. Brief us on your CRM requirements, we'll show you how you can own the most progressive CRM for your business by reducing costs and bottlenecks. Plus we are experts beyond CRM, our team will share modern User-Interfaces, UX, Big-Data, Strategic Insights, optimisation algorithms, marketing and advertising expertise. If you like what you see, we can take your estimate and develop a risk free transition plan so you can start investing in your own CRM. And If we don't show you all this... we owe you a Pepsi.

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